Wood Bath Mat – Choosing the Best Materials for Your Bath Mat

Nowadays, bath mat is not only made from fabric, but wood is also become materials for bath mat. Wood bath mat is very appropriate for bathroom because it can withstand from huge amounts of moisture without causing damage. Since bathroom is a moisture room, that’s why this is very appropriate and useful. There are some types of wood that used to make wooden bath math.

Cedar is one of the types of wood used for wood bath mat. Cedar bath mat gives you a soft surface when you step on it and it has a great aroma. This material is also resistant from bacteria and the most interesting this is cheaper than other types of wood. However, the soft feature of cedar makes it scratched, dented and pitted easily. Within one year, usually cedar will turn gray if it doesn’t get a substantial finish. Another type of wood that is used for wooden bath mat is teak. Teal bath mat has been the favorite for many people since it is easy to maintain and has a fancy look. Teak is grown in Indonesia and the supply is limited.

This is why teak bath mat is quite expensive. However, believe it or not, this is the only disadvantage of teak bath mat. For the rest, all you will get is advantageous. Teak is extremely strong so that it will not scratch or dent easily. It has an exotic look with unique swirling grain that makes it truly beautiful. IPE is another type of wood used for wooden bath mat. This type of wood is very hard and dense make it even won’t burn so that it can last five years longer than teak.

The great thing is that you even won’t find it begin to gray for 20 years. Also, it is easy to maintain and has a good looking grain. The only disadvantage is that it has hard surface, so when you step on it, you won’t feel comfortable o your feet. You can just choose the right materials for wood bath mat that you want to use for your bathroom due to advantages and disadvantages of each material.

Picture Gallery of the Wood Bath Mat – Choosing the Best Materials for Your Bath Mat

Wood Bath Mat With Window GlassWood Bath Mat With White WallsWood Bath Mat With White Ceramic FloorWood Bath Mat With Water Sink FaucetWood Bath Mat With Wall Ceramic BlackWood Bath Mat With Unique DesignWood Bath Mat With Mirror GlassWood Bath Mat With Hanging FlowersWood Bath Mat With Gray Ceramic FloorWood Bath Mat With Glass JarWood Bath Mat With Flame CandlesWood Bath Mat With Decorative CandlesWood Bath Mat With Cabinet WhiteWood Bath Mat With Cabinet WallWood Bath Mat With Cabinet DesignWood Bath Mat With Blackout WindowWood Bath Mat With Black Ceramic FloorWood Bath Mat Shelving With Blue Color Design

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