Wonderful Duplex Villa Shared Same Façade with Completely Different Theme

Miki 1 House is a unique, yet beautiful duplex villa designed by Alexander Brenner Architect. This beautiful villa is located on Stuttgart, Germany, and is famous for its beautiful cozy design over the unique plan that allows each villa in the duplex share the same façade. However, the two villas is separated one to another and has completely different theme, shape and plans. The only thing that connects the two is the shared façade itself.

The front view of this duplex villa design is completely closed, looks like a single home without any windows or opening—designed so to protect the privacy of the dwellers. The white clad in rectangular shape and clean lines defining modernity, the style that has much influenced this villa. The backyard view is completely different, having no access for unwanted glance, they open it up with floor to ceiling windows that blurs out the edge between interior and exterior, allowing natural light to fills in the room that has been closed from the street side.

The two duplex is connected through series of interior stair, through giving a same entry access for both house. Both house also shared a same garage that located slightly lower from the staircase. The open plan design on the east side of the house gives a dynamic layout for the interior, giving a wonderful place to stay with the family. The master suite is elegant, with amazing large dressing room with complete wardrobe on its side. Wonderful, isn’t it?

The swimming pool area is located just next to the bedroom, a wonderful feature that allows the dwellers to entertain themselves with the family. The swimming pool can be heated by the sun collector on the roof, heating up the water constantly and make it comfortable for the dwellers. Well, with those wonderful design and feature, this wonderful duplex villa design for family is more like a vacation home, isn’t it?

Picture Gallery of the Wonderful Duplex Villa Shared Same Façade with Completely Different Theme

Charming Landscape garden Outside the MK House with Green LawnBeautiful Living Room at MK House with White Wood TopAwesome Pool Area at with Wood Deck Outside MK HouseWonderful Black Staircase at MK House Between two White WallsStunning MK House Exterior with Raised Entry DesignStriking Wooden Deck Design with Pool at MK HouseSophisticated MK House Loft Living Room with Gray SofasSolid Wood Dining Table at MK House with Leather SeatsModern House Design and Architecture MK House Outside ViewModern Home Office in MK House with Modern Office ChairChic Modern Bedroom Applied White Bedspread at MK House

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