Wonderful and Unique Lamp Modern Design

If you’re tired with usual lighting in your reading room and need a new, unique lamp design for your reading room, you’ve come to the right place. These are some review about unique, modern and unusual home lighting made by professional designer that can be a good choice for your home.

With the unique and elegant style, you don’t need to feel boring again with your lighting design. Please, enjoy these pictures and hope you can find your home lighting inspiration from it.

Take a look to this unique lamp idea, the unusual lamp with natural material ornament on it. The designer, Ian Cameron from Cameron Design House creates these lamps as the answer for peoples who search after different style of lighting in their home.

One of it is the Hanlo Large, a ring-shaped LED lamp with 80 cut plywood pieces hold together as its ornament. The woods are suspended by a cast acrylic suspension, with diameter 67 cm and hanged n mounted steel cables. The LED tube light get electricity from the suspension cable creates a simple appearance for the lamp. There is also another version with 160 cut of American Black Walnut with diagonal placement, called Kotka lamp.

Another product is Tomio, made by layer of 16 square meters felted English wood in aluminum frame. The LED tube is circular and hidden inside this tube, with 12v electricity supplied from the suspension bulb. Overall, this lamp can give a warm, gentle and wonderful glow for a mood booster in reading room. Elegant, beautiful and natural, isn’t that you are looking for?

All of these unique lamps are the answer for you that tired with usual lamp design and need to escape to something different. These lamps are available in Cameron Design House’s homepage or you can try to find it in Google. Play with your imagination, and use this unique lamp idea for reading room for a better lighting design.

Picture Gallery of the Wonderful and Unique Lamp Modern Design

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