Window Seat Cushions: Awesome Decoration for Interior

Adding cushion to your window seat can be a functional addition since it will enhance your comfort when you are sitting and enjoying the outdoor view through the window. If you think that it is not really important to add cushion since you will need to cost extra money, then you can consider making your own window seat cushions.

Making a window seat cushion is a simple project if you are handy with a sewing machine. Even it can be a piece of cake for you. To make your own window seat cushions, you just need to prepare the materials and ready to sew. The materials needed are fabric, foam padding and tape measure. When choosing the fabric for the cushion, you need to choose the one with complementary color of your home décor. Also, the fabric should be washable to allow you clean any stains easily.

The amount of fabric needed will depend on the measurement of your seat area. So, you need to measure the seat area first before purchasing the fabric. What if you are not too handy to make a window cushion with sewing machine? You can still make your own seat cushion without having to sew. You can make a cushion by covering a piece of foam and secure using upholstery tacks or staples. This is quick, easy and you don’t need sew to make a comfortable and decorative cushion.

Making your own window seat cushions is easy as long as you have required materials and the right measurement. After making the cushion, you can enhance it by adding throw pillows to add accent to the area. Just make sure that all the elements in the area starting from the cushion, throw pillows to window treatments should complement each other to get a perfect enhancement.

Picture Gallery of the Window Seat Cushions: Awesome Decoration for Interior

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