Window Cleaning Solution

Cleaning a window can be very inexpensive if you know the solution that can be used to clean your window correctly. Well, it seems like purchasing window cleanser from the market give no cost effect for you, but why don’t you try to be economical. Purchasing window cleanser can be done frequently, so just imagine that frequent cost you use to purchase window cleanser can be saved for another purpose. Little budget will become a big one if you keep and keep saving. So, knowing to make window cleaning solution will be more useful. it will be safer since chemical cleanser may contain toxic that may be harmful for your environment.

So, what window solution can be made? Well, actually window cleaning solution can be made from different ingredients depend on the dirty problem of your window. so, you need to determine what solution can be used best for your window. if you have very dirty windows that make you frustrated because no way can clean them well, you can simply make a solution from ½ cup sudsy ammonia, 2 cups rubbing alcohol, ½ teaspoon dish soap and one gallon water. This solution will help you clean your very dirty windows easier. If your window is not too dirty and only get lightly soiled on the surface, you can make a simple solution from ¼ vinegar and one gallon of warm water.

Well, each solution has each purpose to clean your windows, but sometime you can’t determine what kind of dirt is in your windows. so, what kind of solution should you use in this problem? None of the solution will work. You need a solution that can be used for any purpose. You can just mix 5 tablespoon of borax and ½ gallon water and any problem of your window will be solved. Window cleaning solution above is easy and cheap, so there is no need to spend your money to buy chemical window cleanser.

Picture Gallery of the Window Cleaning Solution

Window Cleaning Solution With Yellow Rope safetyWindow Cleaning Solution With Yellow HelmetWindow Cleaning Solution With White NapkinsWindow Cleaning Solution With White DraperyWindow Cleaning Solution With Twig TreeWindow Cleaning Solution With Stone WallWindow Cleaning Solution With Spray BottleWindow Cleaning Solution With Simple ToolsWindow Cleaning Solution With Plants FlowersWindow Cleaning Solution With Plants CreepWindow Cleaning Solution With Modern EquipmentWindow Cleaning Solution With Household ToolsWindow Cleaning Solution With Fir TreeWindow Cleaning Solution With Drapery DesignWindow Cleaning Solution With Cloth NapkinsWindow Cleaning Solution With Brush ToolWindow Cleaning Solution With Blue NapkinWindow Cleaning Solution With Advanced Equipment

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