What are the Standard Kitchen Table Sizes

Kitchen is one of the most difficult places in a home, to design appropriately. It is very confusing for house owners to keep the design of their kitchen pleasant and welcoming. You might have tried changing the crockery and other kitchen accessories but like most of the people, you haven’t thought about the standard kitchen table sizes.

When purchasing a table you might have always thought of getting a large and comfortable kitchen table without keeping in mind the actual size of your kitchen. Because of this large sized dining table, your kitchen looks more complicated and small. There is no formula for calculating the standard kitchen table sizes, you just have to keep in mind the capacity of your kitchen before purchasing any table.

Most dining tables are constructed of standard sizes, their style may be different but the measurements are roughly the same.  You can find the standard closest dimensions  by focusing on some elements, like how much space do you have in your kitchen or how many people are you planning to sit around your table. If you are planning to keep your table in your dining room then you can calculate the standard dining room table sizes in the same way.

Dining tables are available in different shapes and sizes. The standard dining table sizes are quite logical. To make your dining table functional, it has to be high enough so that there is an adequate space, above the knees of those who sit around it. It should be of intermediate height that you and your family should be able to eat well . Your standard size round dining table should be at least 8 to 30 inches high. This peak can be suitable for other shapes of dining tables as well.

If you want a table to entertain six to eight people, you may go for an oval shaped dining table. The standard kitchen table sizes for that are 36 X 72inches. But you may customize it according to the space in your kitchen.

If you want to know the standard kitchen island sizes then you should apply the same method for the islands as well. The suitable length for a kitchen island is between 54 to 84 inches. It depends on the size of your kitchen. You have to keep in mind to leave some space around all sides of the island to allow at least two people to work in the kitchen without  bumping into  each other.

Always remember to evaluate the space in your kitchen before purchasing a dining table, so that  you may look for the best size that fits perfectly in your kitchen. You should also keep in mind the standard furniture sizes which may assist you in choosing the right thing.

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