What are the Best Murphy Bed Designs Ideas in 2013

Space Crafters  Murphy Bed Designs Ideas with White Cabinet

We used to think that the best murphy bed designs ideas are about those modern designs with multi-function features. Well, in 2013, things have changes a little bit. As Murphy bed is becoming more and more popular, the trends of the designs have slightly changed from those that have a great functionality to those that have great appearance. We can easily say that we can have Murphy bed that is both multi-function and good looking, but can we mention any type that even near that assumption? I bet it will be very difficult. This is because when manufacturers are making this bed, they first need to decide which feature of the bed that will attract the buyers. Of course, when certain features are being focused, the others seem to be ignored. Although this is not an ideal expectation from the buyers, I’m afraid to admit that the fact says so. So, to help you out of this, here are the best murphy bed designs ideas in 2013 that you can analyze.

The design of a Murphy bed in 2013 should as efficient as possible because this bed is aimed to be installed in small spaces. Efficient here means that the bed should be comfortable and enjoyable to use no matter how many spaces left available. Functionality is a must, but when it comes to the best design, the efficiency should also become one of the main considerations for the people. For example, you can choose the bed that is attached to a cabinet or a desk to give you more options in terms of efficiency. Which one is better? Well, it will depend on what your expectation from the Murphy bed you buy. The color of the bed is also becoming a main consideration since homeowners love to see comfortable and efficient Murphy bed with good color selection. In terms of the color selection, the best murphy bed designs ideas in 2013 is all about bright and attractive colors. Well, gone are the days when Murphy beds are still very vintage in design and very dark in colors. Nowadays, many people love the idea of Murphy beds with colorful appearance.

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