Warm and Inviting Grand Stand Villa with Earthy Impression Surrounding

Grand Stand Villa is one of concept for building a residence in a hill. The structure of this concept is very stable because it has six main props at ground building. This kind of concept is also very unique because all materials that are used for both exterior and interior are not usually be used for a house. Moreover, natural concept is also assembled along its embrace of warm and inviting atmosphere.

Here, there are some magnificent pictures of grand stand villa built in Hill near Eldorado, California. This villa is seemingly like a Gadang house in Sumatera. However, all dark brown bamboo that is installed for walling have been varnished so that it causes a flashy effect.

It is very awesome to use such bamboo as wall installation. There is also a fine dining table at front yard that makes this building very perfect. At night, this villa has amusing effect because the bamboo becomes dark. Thus, gradation of room lighting and outside appearance make this villa as warm as a fine leather.

This villa actually has three floors, which are ground, first floor and attic. At ground, there are living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. First floor is used as master room and visitors’ room. While, workplace is in the attic that has an awesome decoration.

This attic is very unique because it has very wide space that is only used as working place. Fine coconut wood is used as its ceiling. Actually, all furnishings are made from fine solid material, while for decoration using natural material, such as wood, stones, etc.

It is very amusing to live in such villa since it has warm and inviting atmosphere for all visitors. Moreover, all unique aspects that are exist in this kind of villa just makes this building becomes more fascinating. Thus, it must be very great to have one kind of this grand stand villa built in hill ideas built in our property.

Picture Gallery of the Warm and Inviting Grand Stand Villa with Earthy Impression Surrounding

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