Vintage Jar Lamp Design in Low Budget for Excellent Result

Here is once more an idea of the jar lamp design that is designed in low budget. The situation of the jar lamp is unique. It is a kind of the vintage lamp design that is easy to create. Here, we want to share about the design of that lamp in vintage style and also the way to create and connect the jar lamp. They will be excellent result to get.

How will they be? Here are some pictures of the glass jar lamp that will be shared. This vintage jar lamp is a lamp design in which it is a lamp that is applied into the glass jar. The concept of making this lamp is actually similar with the other lamp design. However, the application to the jar is quite different. The lamp is applied into the glass jar and makes the tube in perforated style. They also give the wire in long styles to hang the lamp. The wire should be in strong one. This jar lamp will be one of the excellent room decorations that are attractive. They can also be applied for outdoor decorating ideas.

Now, we are going to keep sharing to the way in creating this jar lamp. Firstly, we should prepare the equipment of the lamps. They are such as the bulb, hammer, jar, and also a set of electrical equipment. After perforating the tub of the jar as matched with the bulb size, it is time to apply the bulb set into the jar. We should also apply the electrical equipment to the bulb. Then, set the bulb on that electrical set. It is time to put the lamp into the glass jar. They will be so easy to set the lamp into the jar. The result is also excellent although it is just in minimal lamp budget.

Well, we can find more pictures of jar lamps in order to create a new idea. The creation will affect to the style of home lighting system. Yeah, it is clear that this lamp is set in vintage lamp style with the jar design. The glass jar lamp kit is also in easy kind to find out.

Picture Gallery of the Vintage Jar Lamp Design in Low Budget for Excellent Result

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