Unique Torus Shaped House with Sustainable Features

Have you ever heard of Torus Shaped House before? It is embedded in an oval courtyard located in Vietnam. The stone house is the house which has been created by Vo trong architect. This house will offer you a visual treat that will make you totally inspired. The house looks like a modern house which is combined with the beauty of the nature view surrounding the house.

The house has a rounded shape and this house is not too tall unlike any other houses next to it. The fun fact about this house by Torus Shaped House Review is that the garden in this house is located in the second floor. You can see it after looking at some pictures in the site. The house is using a torus shape which makes it attractive.

When you are looking this house from the outside, you will wonder what is inside the house. Grey color has been chosen as the main color for this house to bring a modern look. This house looked pretty good and the roof even using a natural touch with greenery look which is coming from garden.

Yes, the second garden is located at the top of this house as the roof of this building. This will bring a seamless integrated feature in the overall circulation flow of the property.

Each of the rooms in the house are surrounded with the oval courtyard and is making a colony like relationship with each other. It is a total fun design when you look to this closely. What is very great about this house is about the relationship between the garden and the main building of the house. The garden in the second floor and the garden in the roof totally blend together with the main design of the house based on Torus Shaped House Information.

Picture Gallery of the Unique Torus Shaped House with Sustainable Features

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