Unique Retro Entry Doors for Modern Home

Back to 40s, 50s, or 60s for your entry door is a good and different idea probably. As we know, nowadays, there are many entry doors in modern design and it looks rather boring. Having retro entry doors for your house is a slight new and different idea that will make your house more attractive than others. In addition, it is not difficult to find the product of retro doors because there are any great new companies which produce this kind of door design.

The first retro entry doors are coming from Crestview Door Company which exists in Austin, Texas. The Crestview Door collection is inspired by David Erwin. The produced doors are made of solid wood, double-panned glass and inspired by classic designs which existed in the post war years. The colors are available in four attractive choices which are reddish brown, light brown, dark brown, and bright light brown. The placement of double-panned glass is different for each door with different shape such as square, rhomboidal, and rectangular. About the price, the company tries to make it still in range of $800-$1200 and it takes 6 until 8 weeks for delivery. Actually, there are many other designs of retro doors from Crestview that you can search on internet for detail and clear information. For another different appearance, you can look at The Snickarper Collection from Sweden. The difference is on the flair which is added into the product. The products are inspired by 50s style which this style became a trend in Europe at that time. The Snickarper collection makes such kind of contrasting between the window trims and linear details so that it looks like simple hardware.

Retro entry doors are very inspiring for your house especially retro house design. Furthermore, the existence of both companies makes us easier to find out doors in modern retro design.

Picture Gallery of the Unique Retro Entry Doors for Modern Home

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