Unique Interior Design For A Small Space

Each of us who have any concern or consideration about interior design will always be confused of selecting, creating, purchasing, or even placing certain furniture into our rooms. Not only dealing with our desires or wants of the right design of the furniture but also the space of the room we want to decorate. Some difficult aspects that related to decorate and design your interior will be a complicated problem that will disturb you in considering the right furniture for certain space in your room. Make sure you measure the space that is available in your room and then you can select and choose the right furniture with the design you like that suitable with the size of the space in your room.

Talking about and searching for certain interior design ideas which are available, there is a nice topic we can discuss here. The topic comes from Paris, France. An architect named Paul Coudamy has successfully designed certain furniture for a small space of a small apartment. He is challenged to make certain furniture that will be fit into the small space of a small apartment consists of some complete bedroom features including the bathroom features.

If you were him, of course you will be so confused of looking for any idea to fix the problem. Because of his experience in the world of house designing and decorating, he can fix this problem with a very inspiring design of a room interior. His project of fulfill the challenge has produced an inspiring yet unique furniture called Red Nest.

This nest is such amazing and beautiful square-shaped interior furniture consist of a simple bed as the place for sleeping, a desk as a space for working, a mobile bookshelf which is covering the bed and the desk, all of those are in the mixture color of bright red and white color. Behind this nest, there is a bathroom that is safely hidden from the people sight. This is such unique interior design ideas for small spaces that will be so amazing and inspiring.

Picture Gallery of the Unique Interior Design For A Small Space

Beauty View  in Red Nest Decoration with Opened Door and Lamps AlsoBeauty Lamps Decopration in Red Nest Given More Beauty in the RoomAmushing Move by the Girl in Red Nest Given Information How to Close the DoorSmart of Close and Open Door Design in Red NestSmart Bed Room Design in Red NestSimple Design in Red Nest with Ash Grey Color Of The WallNice Color in Modren Design at Red Nest Given Nice ViewGorgeous Floor Plan in Red Nest that  Secret Wc use Stainless GlassGood Interior View with Lights at Red Nest DesignCool Modern Design in Red Nest with White of Bed and Cover Also

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