Unique Decoration of Hand Blown Glass Terrariums

Hand blown glass terrariums are such kind of terrarium that is in shape of hand blown glass. Terrarium itself is the thing that you used to keep plants and even small animal alive inside. Using it as one of the decoration of your room will allow you either create a great decoration in the room or invite a little bit of the wild outdoor to be brought inside. Terrarium is so various it can be closed or open depending on whether you want careful construction and no maintenance or the other way around.

Well, this article will explain you more about hand blown glass terrariums to make you have a better knowledge of it. First of all, let’s talk about the composition of a terrarium. The composition of it is high in organic matter since it begins with large pebbles or sand mixed with charcoal covered with an inch of growing medium. Some plants that are commonly used to plant in terrarium are ferns, bromeliads, ivies, and mosses.

There are two main kinds of hand blown glass terrariums. They are open ones and enclosed ones. Just choose one of it depend on your need and which one you’ll prefer much. The first one is open terrariums. They firstly began in New England as places to grow strawberries inside of the house. It will be good to make your terrarium not too humid. Therefore, it will be the suitable place if you want to grow some plants that don’t require high humidity such as earth stars, pepperomia, sweet olive, and dwarf pomegranate. The second one is enclosed terrarium. The good thing that you will get if you use such kind of terrarium is the practicality aspect that you don’t need to water it for month or sometimes years. It’s just because the closed systems keep the water condensed and falls back within the terrarium.

Picture Gallery of the Unique Decoration of Hand Blown Glass Terrariums

Hand Blown Glass Vase With Black TerrariumsHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Wood TableHand Blown Glass Terrariums With White WallsHand Blown Glass Terrariums With White Stag StatueHand Blown Glass Terrariums With White SandHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Unique ShapeHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Squid RedHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Seashell WhiteHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Red TableHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Red RibbonHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Mirror GlassHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Green PlantsHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Grapes And OrangesHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Decorative CandlesHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Colorful StonesHand Blown Glass Terrariums With Cat StatueHand Blown Glass Terrariums Plants With FlowersHand Blown Glass Hanging Terrariums With Red Mushrooms

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