Uneven House Design Overlooking Uneven Terrain Beauty

House architecture is usually made to be a single box shape or maybe rectangular shape. But what if the house is made to follow the natural curve around its area which is uneven terrain? Unique, isn’t it? Well, this uneven house in Chile adopts that kind of house shape. Read on and be inspired!

You will notice the uneven house design once you see the facade of its front ceiling. To be staying here is what truly relaxing is. How not, the beauty of the Santiago’s southeast and the Andes beyond is what you will see every day here.

Moreover, there are some relaxing facilities offered by this house such as outdoor swimming pool in front of the house and the glass walls that will not make you miss every minute to see the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The uniqueness of this house will you see since you are about to enter this house, where you will pass by the outdoor concrete staircase to reach the front terrace and the entrance of this house. The terrace encircles the house with its uneven shape. The living room is in front part of the house. It is such a large room where made to be minimalist yet modern.

There are white sofas above the patterned rug and the big paintings in two sides of the walls. The kitchen is made facing the outdoor view and it uses the wooden materials for its furnishings. The dining table is next to the kitchen. The bathroom is as modern as other rooms in this house where there are bath up, a shower and a sink combining the glass, wood and porcelain as the material.

Overall, this house combines the modernity architecture and relaxing atmosphere by its uneven house design architecture. Interesting, isn’t it? You don’t need to have a house that is located in this kind of terrain to make this kind uneven shape architecture. Be creative is all what you need!

Picture Gallery of the Uneven House Design Overlooking Uneven Terrain Beauty

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