Tranquil Modern Interior in Calming Color

This interior design brought by Igor Sirotov Architect has the ultimate tranquility and calmness of a modern interior. The living room has the natural texture and the contemporary design. The color application employs the calming color combined with the earth color. The living room wall is in rustic texture. It has the dark grey color with a pair of white lighting on one of the sides. This rustic color looks elegant even when the living room does not have interior decoration.

This modern interior color is unique. The neutral color in rustic texture is perfectly combined with the calming color. The modern sofa is in blue color giving the inviting and warm focal point of this room. Some cushions in white colors are applied on it. The dark flooring is suitable with the dark color interior wall. A contemporary lighting is hung over the furniture. It is designed in aesthetic way in black and white color. The black table in front of the sofas gives the bold color accent to the furniture.

The bedroom has the Maverick furniture accent. It is reflected by the lounge design in the Maverick style that is unique and aesthetic. The bedroom is designed in the minimalist contemporary form. The large glass windows make the bedroom offers the great view outside. Bold color is still applied in the bedroom interior wall. The blurred glass divider separates the bedroom with the bathroom. Earth color and neutral color is the basic color theme of this bedroom.

The bathroom is designed in unique color. Rustic texture still dominates this bathroom. The unique basin in neutral color adds the natural impression in this bathroom. The bathroom in natural texture always gives the ultimate soothing and cozy ambience. Modern interior design is the flexible design that can be adjusted with the other combined design.

Picture Gallery of the Tranquil Modern Interior in Calming Color

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