Top Church Transformation with the Extensive Use of Glass

Now we want to tell you about a great design of Church Transformation. A church may have unique look with the shape that is totally make you understand that this building is not a house. You will see that a church will make a unique look from the outside and soon you will know that this building meant to be the place for praying.

Another unique thing about this church is that you can understand about the fact that this is such a sacred place for you. But there is a new innovation in Church Transformation Project of a building which will change this church into a modern home. It is not a bad idea to use a church as a normal house, you can see that this unique house totally works well in this environment which has no same shape of a house surrounding.

This house has not been through a lot of renovation process, but this church came with the usual shape and you can see all of the detailed and sharp texture. The renovation of this house can be seen from the outside which planting some greenery plants there. This house is surrounded with a white fence which will make this house safe. This house has a good looking from the outside and with the bulb lamps used will make a warm atmosphere in the whole parts of the house which can be seen from the front.

The natural illumination of a house has been used inside, and you can see that the floor came with a glossy look. The black and white color combination is chosen as the color used between the dining area and the living room. This house due to Church Transformation Notes looked pretty normal from the inside and you can’t see any differences.

Picture Gallery of the Top Church Transformation with the Extensive Use of Glass

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