Tiled Bathtub Ideas

I think, tiled bathtub look very nice because it can be combined directly with the tile. We can choose the appropriate tile pattern which suitable to be combined with the bathtub. Therefore, we should consider about the colors, material, and design. This article will provide tiled bathtub ideas that will guide you to design your tiled bathtub.

There are some considerations related to tiled bathtub ideas that should be taken care. The first is about the kind of bathtub. It means that you need to choose corner or common bathtub and also choose the shape and color of the bathtub. Talking about the color, it is usually available on white or ivory colors. However, there is maybe another color such as black. The second is about the tile. If you want to have a natural tiled bathtub, consider about travertine, marble, stone, or mosaic tile. In addition, the use of raw stone below the tub will make it more natural and exotic. The colors should be brown so that it looks like the real stone in the nature. For modern nuance, shiny, bright, and little tile can be chosen. The shiny and bright color makes the contrast between the tile and the tub. Therefore, the color of the tile depends on the color of the bathtub. After that, the tile of the floor and the wall also should be taken as your consideration. You have to make a good combination between them. If you want to take different colors, you’d better make a contrast for it. However, in order to take a simple way, the color of the tile is still nice even it can be more attractive if you choose the appropriate color.

That’s all about tiled bathtub ideas. Hopefully it inspires you to design your own tiled bathtub. For your further information, you can browse in internet or interior design magazines.

Picture Gallery of the Tiled Bathtub Ideas

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