Things you should Know about Macerating Toilet

Macerating toilet is a kind of toilet which includes devices that shred the human waste and then pump it to another level. Unluckily, the installation is often the part of a basement renovation since they commonly installed in basements where the floor is lower than the level of the plumbing service. But you don’t have to be worried since here there will be some tips that will be much helpful for you to install the macerating toilet.

The thing that you should know once you install the macerating toilet yourself is that you will be able to pay only low cost for the installation process. Furthermore, how to install it is not as that hard as you think, especially if you follow these tips below. The first tip is planning the water supply. It is important that you need to plan the location for the macerating toilet itself and also provide the proper plumbing connections. Such toilet will require a cold water supply line and it commonly terminates a valve mounted below the toilet. Second thing that you should include into your considerations is planning the waste water pipes. What you need to keep in mind is that the waste water discharge should use two 45 degree fittings instead of 90 degree angle fittings. Moreover, they should be placed a few inches apart connected by PVC pipe.

Another thing to consider whenever you installing a macerating toilet are about the electrical service. Make sure that you’ve included an outlet in the area of the toilet since the macerating toilet typically plugs into a standard household outlet. Consider using a ground fault interrupter outlet and make sure that the outlet is not controlled by a switch. It is important to keep the safety of the bathroom where the toilet is located.

Picture Gallery of the Things you should Know about Macerating Toilet

Macerating Toilet With Wood WallsMacerating Toilet With Wood StoolMacerating Toilet With Wood Doors WallMacerating Toilet With WashMacerating Toilet With Wall CeramicMacerating Toilet With Wall Ceramic YellowMacerating Toilet With Wall Ceramic RedMacerating Toilet With Round MirrorMacerating Toilet With Orange TowelMacerating Toilet With Mirror WallsMacerating Toilet With Light Green WallMacerating Toilet With Light Blue WallMacerating Toilet With Hardwood FloorsMacerating Toilet With Glass ShelvesMacerating Toilet With Glass BorderMacerating Toilet With ChandeliersMacerating Toilet With Ceramic FloorMacerating Toilet With Black Ceramic

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