The Story of Elvis Presley S Home


Talking about Elvis Presley’s home is more likely talk about his music career, how started and how he became a phenomena. This is because his house and his life are interchangeable as if these two things can’t be talked separated. Elvis has more than one houses that he and his family has lived for several years. It is interesting to talk about his house where everything from him started.

Graceland is the strongest connection between Elvis Presley’s home and his whole life because this is where he lived and became phenomena. He lived in Graceland located at Memphis, Tennessee for about 20 years. This is a quite long time since Elvis built his career when he was living in this house. The Graceland was a large, two story house a barn and rolling pastures. Elvis has added some great additional properties to this house like the music gates. The gates were not a part of the property when Elis bough it, but added this feature to show his interest in music. Another interesting thing is that before Elvis bought the house, this house is out of the country, but some years later after his coming, shopping centers, apartments, and housing developments have been built in the area only 12 miles from the downtown Memphis. After the purchasing of the house Elvis decorate it well by adding buildings, structures, and other additional properties. His parents also added their own touches for their home, they were a vegetable garden and a chicken coop. this house also featured with a garden’s centerpiece in a circular twelve foot fountain pool with five single jets of water. There is also another large one in the middle and all lit by colored floodlights. The south side of the pool with fountains was the original burial site of Elvis Presley. The head of the grave was added with an eternal flame encased in a hexagonal glass container.

This Elvis Presley’s home was pure of history of Elis Presley and this is why this home usually visited by most of his fans to remember the great Elvis Presley when he was alive.

Picture Gallery of the The Story of Elvis Presley S Home

Modern Swimming Pool Elvis Presley'S HomeModern Dining Room with Chamdelier Elvis Presley'S HomeMusic Room Elvis Presley'S HomeLuxurious Elvis Presley'S HomeLiving Room Elvis Presley'S HomeKitchen Elvis Presley'S Homegreenland Elvis Presley'S HomeGraceland Mansion Elvis Presley'S HomeGlass Wall Design Elvis Presley'S HomeElvis Presley'S Home TupeloElvis Presley'S Home StudioElvis Presley S Home for SaleElvis Presley Los Angeles MansionContemporary Design Living Room Elvis Presley'S HomeContemporary and Elegant Elvis Presley'S HomeBest Lighting Elvis Presley'S HomeBedroom Elvis Presley S HomeBeautiful Garden Elvis Presley’s Beverly Hills Home with Pool

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