The Art Collection of Pachamama Rugs

Pachamama creatively produces many attractive and gorgeous designs of rugs on. All of the products are handmade from original leather which is imported from Italy since it is an Italian company. They are decorated with brass, mirrors, and horn that make it incredible and luxurious. Pachamama rugs are the true art works in the form of floor covering.

One of the Pachamama rugs collections is Eclipse collection which is made of many circles in various sizes made from leather over dyed and decorated with studs. They are combined together to form a big circle. Cosmic is one of eclipse collections having contemporary design. A cosmic optic and cosmic wineberry with multiple colors and textures inspire the design of “cosmic”. Thus, it has a range of attractive solid colors. This design is available in six of color choices which are called cosmic black, cosmic brown, cosmic red, cosmic gold, cosmic mineral brown and cosmic bronze. Another design in eclipse collection is called sunshine with two kinds of choices. They are sunshine orange and sunshine gold. Sunshine orange is modern circular concept. It’s like a concentric circular carpet with a decoration in the core. It is combined from brown, orange, and yellow colors. While sunshine is also as the same with the sunshine gold, but it is made with metalized bronze and color of gold dominates the rug. The other product out of Eclipse collections is Malinka. This rug is made from antiqued leather with handmade decoration and decorative ribbed elements. Different from the previous designs, Malinka has rectangular shape instead of round. The other rugs with rectangular shape are Next Step, Mallorca, Nirvana Brown, Nirvana Black and many others.

The good news from Pachamama rugs is that it serves customizable design options in nearly all of the designs for the customer. Actually, this brand of rugs covers both contemporary and traditional design. The detail of the production process and the quality of the material make the Pachamama collection has the gorgeous rug products.

Picture Gallery of the The Art Collection of Pachamama Rugs

Pachamama Rugs With Style WallPachamama Rugs With Sofa BeigePachamama Rugs With Round TablePachamama Rugs With Red SeatPachamama Rugs With Picture FramesPachamama Rugs With Hardwood FloorsPachamama Rugs With Green SofaPachamama Rugs With Glass TablePachamama Rugs With Glass RoofsPachamama Rugs With Glass DoorsPachamama Rugs With Desk LampsPachamama Rugs With ChandeliersPachamama Rugs With Casual Sofa BlackPachamama Rugs By Design SquarePachamama Rugs By Design FaucetPachamama Rugs By Color BluePachamama Red Rugs By DesignPachamama Brown Rugs By Design

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