Teenage Girls Room Paint Ideas

When looking for teenage girls room paint ideas, you can think about something that can make them relax and soothing. They like having a room where they can feel comfortable to get rid of the stress they get from outside and retreat from the frustrating days they have been through. Color scheme can be a good idea to make them feel the comfort of a room. This is because colors have their own ability to create certain mood in a room.

So, what colors should be used for teenage girls room paint ideas? You can firstly decide the theme for making you easier to choose the right colors for their room. A beach theme is a good theme for more relaxing effects. To achieve this theme, you can use a light blue on the walls as the base color. After the paint is dry, you can paint the bottom of the walls with light brown. Don’t wait until the brown painted dry because you have to blot the light brown using a textured sponge while it is still wet to create a mimic of sandy beach. The tops of the walls can be painted with clouds patterns using sponge using white paint. As the last touch, you can paint the horizon using a thin paintbrush and light blue in darker shade than the base color.

Another attractive theme is flower garden theme. When achieving this theme, you have to ask them about their favorite flowers and colors to be added in their room. As the base color, you can use blue or green since they represent sky and plants. Neutral colors such as beige, cream or light yellow are also good option as the base color to make the room more feminine. So, choose the base color and use it to paint the room. Once the painting dries, you can paint various flowers around the room using a thin paintbrush. Pant the flowers on the place that free of obstruction since the flowers need to be displayed. You can find more teenage girls room paint ideas from the internet or the discussion with your teenage girls.

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