Stunning House Makeover in Belgian City with Industrial Theme

This special house makeover has already finished by Bekhor Architecte in such an amazing industrial touch. Located on the middle of cubic house, this building is still with its original wall texture. It just looks like an old factory from the outside. Just wait until you come inside and see the wonderful interior arrangement that will make you start to choir the “ooh’ songs.

The exterior design of this Belgian residence is carrying the modern and simple architecture characteristic. There is a red wall brick with a very standard shape of the industrial building. It’s located right on the corner of the road. It seems like a camouflage with the other building. No one expect that this building is actually a private home. The house makeover ideas are about to make the house with its original shape and style. The overall shape of the building is a cube. There is no such a classic roof on there. Everything just looks so much simple.

Now, this is the main “climax’ part. The house interior design is amazingly surprising the guest about their judge for this house. It has a nice white old brick stone. With the soft laminated floor layer, the house performs a chic living space for everyone. You can get a nice view for the entire town from the large glass window at the second floor. The kitchen is facing out the yard directly; it allows the fresh air of Belgian City to breeze in. A very beautiful hanged staircase is also made from the strong concrete. This is just beautiful for the industrial theme of the building.

Well, there is no wonder that the idea of bringing the industrial touch for this house is brilliant. The designer is trying to make a new house trend. Although the house exterior makeover ideas are not complete, this house is just finished with the amazing interior details.

Picture Gallery of the Stunning House Makeover in Belgian City with Industrial Theme

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