Stair Mats Indoor-Make the Stairs Safe and Smart

When you have indoor or outdoor stairs that are looking elegant and classy, I can understand your reluctance to cover them with a mat. But on the other hand they may be slippery increasing the risk of accidents in your house. Stair mats indoor can reduce the chances of people falling on the stairs and accomplish this without completely covering the elegant and classy stairs or by using decorative indoor stair treads.

Stair mats indoor, choosing the right one

Choosing the best indoor outdoor stair treads can be challenging. Stair mats indoor are not only used for safety purpose but also as decorating items, such thing as color, shape, texture as well as durability should be considered when choosing the stair mats. The outdoor stairs are exposed to elements thus when choosing outdoor stair tread mats go for those that are durable and made of material that can withstand the elements e.g. outdoor rubber stair mats which are durable affordable, resilient to footprints and ground in-soil and are safe to.

Stair mats indoor, using runners

You can use runners or full step carpeting in your indoor stairs. Runners and step mats stairs are easier to install and use, you can find a clear cut chart at the carpet store that defines how long the runner needs to be based on the stairs, size of the risers and the width of the stairs and the width of the stairs. If you want to completely cover the stairs consider full step carpeting. This form of carpeting is labor intensive and expensive since you may need to hire a professional installer for a neat, tailored finish.

To use stair mats carpet as the focal point of your interior decoration, use patterned carpet made of quality material that is durable and easy to clean and in your favorite colors. Other than reducing the risk of falling on slippery stairs, stair mats indoor can bring live to a dark hallway and to the interior décor in an inexpensive way.

Picture Gallery of the Stair Mats Indoor-Make the Stairs Safe and Smart

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