Small Bathroom Layout: Decide the Best Plan for Your Bathroom

Making layout for a small bathroom can be challenging since the space used to add the items needed is limited. When it comes to make a small bathroom layout, you have to use every space in the room optimally to allow all the items needed fit exactly to your bathroom. Make the proper layout is quite simple as long as you keep your planning on track.

Before adding anything to your bathroom, you can firstly measure the dimensions of the room. Write down the height, width and length on a piece of paper. To make a small bathroom layout, draw a floor plan on graph paper based on the measurements you have taken. After that, choose the fixtures you want to install. Choose the right items that suit to your space such as wall-mounted toilets, pedestal sinks and walk-in showers. You can go to supply store and find the right dimension of the fixtures that will fit to your space. After choosing the fixtures, you can locate the water and heating supply lines. If your bathroom is the adjacent area of your kitchen, you can have the bathroom sink at the same wall as the kitchen sink. In this way, you have to consult to a plumber to make sure that you get the right locations for pipes.

The last, you need to choose the right storage for your small bathroom. Consider using wall mounted storage is a great idea to space the space. You can mount shelving above the toilet and sink and a rack inside the door. Just because you should use wall mounted storage, it doesn’t mean that you clutter the walls with storage. You still have to spare some space for headroom and let your walls concealed. Making a small bathroom layout is easy as long as you use the space optimally by choosing the right items that fit into the small space.

Picture Gallery of the Small Bathroom Layout: Decide the Best Plan for Your Bathroom

Small Bathroom Layout With Wooden RoofsSmall Bathroom Layout With Wooden HangersSmall Bathroom Layout With Window SlideSmall Bathroom Layout With White RoundtableSmall Bathroom Layout With Wall Ceramic BlueSmall Bathroom Layout With Wall CeramicSmall Bathroom Layout With Wall BlackSmall Bathroom Layout With Towel Hanger GreenSmall Bathroom Layout With Red Paint WallsSmall Bathroom Layout With Purple SofaSmall Bathroom Layout With Picture FramesSmall Bathroom Layout With Large MirrorSmall Bathroom Layout With Glass Shower RoomSmall Bathroom Layout With Black Ceramic FloorSmall Bathroom Layout With Bath DesignSmall Bathroom Layout Design With WashSmall Bathroom Layout Design With ToiletSmall Bathroom Layout Design With Faucet

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