Simple Ways to Taking Off Wallpaper in Your Room

If you like applying wallpaper, do you like taking off wallpaper? You should like it as well since applying and removing wallpaper connects each other. So, don’t think that once your favorite wallpaper has been applied, then you have nothing to do. Later, when you think your room design is outdated, the first thing you want to remove is wallpaper since they are obviously shown in the room. You will need to change it with more dated wallpaper or just want to show the wall beneath. Removing wallpaper is a simple, even a very simple thing that you can easily do although you are not experienced in this project.

There are two types of taking off wallpaper, dry removing and wash removing. Dry removing wallpaper can be achieved only if your wallpaper can be easily stripped off in a sheet. So, you can check whether or not your wallpaper can be stripped by finding a loose edge wallpaper to give it a tug. Usually, vinyl wallpaper can be easily removed with the help of a wallboard knife. If the wallpaper can’t be stripped in a sheet, but become torn pieces instead, you need to use a solution to remove it completely and properly. The solution can be either homemade or commercial. Homemade solution can be made by mixing hot water and vinegar, but commercial solution can be made by mixing hot water and wallpaper cleaner.

You can apply the solution by firstly make some holes on the wallpaper using perforation tool so that the solution can be perforated. After that, apply it with a sprayer of drop cloth to a small section of a wall, let it stay for a few minutes and peel it away with a wallboard knife. You can clean any residue with remover solution and rinse the wall with clear water. Taking off wallpaper is an easy project, right? You can now easily apply or remove wallpaper to allow you upgrade the look of the wall.

Picture Gallery of the Simple Ways to Taking Off Wallpaper in Your Room

Taking Off With Wallpaper Hanging LampTaking Off Wallpaper With Wood TableTaking Off Wallpaper With Wall DecorationTaking Off Wallpaper With Swivel ChairTaking Off Wallpaper With SofaTaking Off Wallpaper With Sofa GrayTaking Off Wallpaper With Round TableTaking Off Wallpaper With Red CurtainTaking Off Wallpaper With Hardwood FloorsTaking Off Wallpaper With Decorative LightingTaking Off Wallpaper With Decorative DeskTaking Off Wallpaper With Ceramic FloorTaking Off Wallpaper With Book CabinetTaking Off Wallpaper With Blackout WindowTaking Off Wallpaper With Black CarpetTaking Off Wallpaper Flowers By DesignTaking Off Wallpaper Design With LightTaking Off Wallpaper Decorated Table With Drawer

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