Shower Tiling Designs

The walls around a standing shower need to be protected. The way protecting your shower actually can be more than protecting, but also decorating. So, it is a good idea to take the benefits of protecting shower walls by adding more styles to your bathroom. there are some shower tiling designs that can be chosen depend on your taste and the existing bathroom décor. so, you are now able to protect your shower walls with style.

Mosaic tiles can be a good option to create a mosaic mural around your standing shower. You can cut the different colored sheets to create a certain image, design and word around your standing shower. If you have an artistic skill, you can make a three-sided undersea mural in greens yellows and blues. You can create mermaid, fish, shells or anything that relates to undersea creature. Shower tiling designs don’t have to be even and smooth. You can even make a natural stone look through the tiles. You can use rocky tiles or natural stones and install them to the wall to create a cave-look in your standing shower. You will find a different experience showering in your bathroom using this design. this s unique because commonly people like having lighter tile colors for a larger look visually in the shower, but this design will create a dramatic look. A more extreme design for tiling your shower is using a neon look. You can use glass tiles in different neon colors such as candy red, bright yellow, lime green and many more. the shocking and contrasting color of your tile will be the main focal point in your shower area. It is also a fin design since the luminance of the tiles will if catch the lighting of your bathroom.

Choosing the right shower tiling designs is important so that you can both protect the walls while decorating the walls.

Picture Gallery of the Shower Tiling Designs

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