Richard Meier Furniture for Modernity Artwork and Architectures


Richard Meier is well known an important contemporary architect. In 1957, he studied in Cornell University, Ithaca, New York state majoring diploma in architecture. After working in architecture practice, he began to open his own architecture practice in 1963. He as a professor was also assigned to teach architecture and design in some prestigious universities. Richard Meier has built some museums in some places across United States. Besides as a architect, he is a designer too who designs furniture for the library of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Knoll International, and for Alessi. Richard Meier Furniture is also identical with modernity as the concept in his buildings.

Richard Meier furniture emphasizes on the proportion, scale, the manipulation of basic, and also we find that the furniture has strong geometry. The example of Richard Meier furniture is The Richard Meier Collection for Strada which collaborates with the wood-in bending. Each designs of the furniture have modern touch as in his architecture. The furniture includes tables, chairs, and bed. For example, the Arm Chair 810 in Knoll Museum is an arm chair which has modern design which made of the quality of the material. It is made of laminated hard maple veneers and solid hard maple frame which is combined with mortise and tenon construction. On each piece we can find the personal mark of Richard Meier. This arm chair has dimensions in 21” W, 20” D, and 27,5” H. It is available in two choices of colors, brown and black. Actually, the arm chair is also available with the combination of black-yellow, and black-red. Then, the table in the collection has square shape with elegant black color. Talking about the bed, it is a kind of ergonomic bed which can be bent.

The modernity or contemporary artwork is easily found in both Richard Meier Furniture and his architectures. Therefore, because of his outstanding work, buildings in the International Modern Style, he was called as one of the “New York Five” along with other great architects.

Picture Gallery of the Richard Meier Furniture for Modernity Artwork and Architectures

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