Open Closet Ideas- Keep your Room Organized and Tidy

Open closet ideas are ideal for people who are organized and tidy. It’s a creative way of showing off your fashion collection of your cloths, bags and shoes in an organized and stylish way. These exposed closet ideas may not be ideal for people who are not organized and tidy, such people should go for custom closet idea to hide the clutter. Closets are used not only as extra storage space but also as a complement for the interior décor. There are a variety of open plan closet in different designs for both small and spacious rooms.

Walk in closet design ideas can be used in both small and relatively large bedrooms. Generally walk in closet are used in large bedroom since they need a specific room area in the bedroom.  A walk in closet design for a large bedroom involve floor to ceiling designed cabinetry with a combination of a wardrobe and a fitting room. Also available are small walk-in closet design ideas for small bedrooms which are customized to fit in your bedroom and take as less space as possible. Walk in closets are commonly dominated by open shelves and few drawers to store ties and underwear collection. They respond to many needs and wishes, from the need to customize space for storing your clothes and accessories to complementing your bedroom with the most fabulous, classy and roomy walk-in-wardrobe.

Turn a small hall into an open closet with open shelving and hanging rods which eliminates the need for doors allowing smooth flow of traffic.  You can also create extra storage in the utility room by skipping a door and installing floor-to-ceiling shelving. For safety in children’s room, avoid closet door and instead use fabric doors or leave the closet open to encourage the kids to be organized and tidy.

Visit where you can find open closet pictures to help you choose open closet ideas that are within your financial reach and reflects your style.

Picture Gallery of the Open Closet Ideas- Keep your Room Organized and Tidy

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