New Vintage Collectible for House Decorations

There is unique trend among people lately, they are doing vintage collectible as their hobby. Many people said that vintage design and stuff are unique since it gives classic yet contemporary feelings. This hobby become trend because the unique things that you will get when you became one of those collectors. And when those collections were put in your house, they will be great house decorations.

From a lot of things from the collectibles, there are ten vintage things that popular among the collectors for their house decorations. The first collection is vintage collectible arrows. Instead of old arrow design, you can try the colorful one. Just like The Colorful Vintage Arrows that designed by Gallivanting Girls. The second collection is Vintage Globes by Freckle Wonder, for you who want to have mid-century decorations. Wants some artistic yet creepy decorations? You can choose 1970s Vintage Porcelain Hand designed by Petite Katy.

When talking about vintage collections, we cant forget about vintage brass that will give classic and vintage look in your house decorations. RustBelt Threads designed Vintage Brass Deer Figurines for the collectors. Classic can be also shown by vintage pottery or vintage glass. Lowdown Modern is selling Italian Pottery Bird as the vintage pottery. And as the vintage glass, there is Jeannette Swirl Console Bowl in Ultramarine Green from Ruby Lane.

Another classic design for vintage things is milk glass or the glass in white milk color. The designer, Eddie Ross, designed Milk Glass Compotes with greenery that filled the glass. Meanwhile, famous collector, Martha Stewart, is collecting Jadeite for her vintage collections. Vintage can be also combining with artistic drawing or colorful drawing. Bewitching Vintage designed Vintage Swanky Swig Tulip Glasses to express their artistic side of vintage design. Ruby Lane chooses artistic vintage painting to express her love in art and vintage. She draws a Pair of Mexican Feather Folk Art Paintings as vintage collectible Mexican feather art, not just for her, but also other collectors.

Picture Gallery of the New Vintage Collectible for House Decorations

Three Brass Vintage Pineapples Decor the Dining Table with BeautyLarge Vintage Brass Deers Beautify a Vintage for InteriorGorgeous Jadeite Collection Glasses and Cups witn Many PlatesFascinating White Milk Glass Compotes on Stacked Book Home OfficeExquisite Bird Themed Vintage Drinking Glasses on the Wood TableBeautiful Mexican Feather Art on Outdoor Striped Sofa DesignAwesome Tulip Themed Swanky Swigs Refresh the Water when You Drink

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