New Ideas for Spacious Loft

Loft is usually a place for unused items and the atmosphere on that place is dark, moist, and dusty. The loft is actually broad enough so items such as old sofas, chairs, tables, and many more could fit in there. Using this fact, INBUM trying to gather new ideas to change the full-old items loft into a spacious lofts which habitable for people. This loft is located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

That bright and roomy picture is the loft which has been changed by INBUM. You can’t tell if that spacious room is actually a loft. The interior design of this spacious lofts is neat, simple looks, and spacious.

INBUM trying to make the room looks like that by minimizing the equipments, using only the functional ones, and decorated the room with simple white colors wall and light brown colors floor. The living room is also the terrace so it becomes a great place to having a breakfast during the hot summer mornings.

The kitchen was next the living room; it’s in the same area. The kitchen itself has all pure white colors, not only the wall but also the kitchen appliances. A small hanging bulb above the kitchen gives contemporary view in the modern kitchen appliances.

The dining room, next to the kitchen, has black-wood colors both chairs and table. There are windows in the living room and dining room areas, so when you sit down in every corner of this area, you can see the city views.

The bed room is in the second floor of this loft. The second floor is connected with the ground floor by short wooden staircase. The bed room has simple looks with one bed, a small lamp, and small table on there. The bath room was next the bed room, and it has simple design too combined with bulb lighting. There is a small space in the second floor to put your stuffs such as bicycle, etcetera. By living there you can feel new lifestyle in these spacious lofts.

Picture Gallery of the New Ideas for Spacious Loft

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