Mountainside Modern House Steadily Stands

In Salt Lake City, Utah you can find a modern house named 5860 SLC stands steadily on the edge of the mountain. The designer of this contemporary house, Brian Junge, considered for applying the futuristic design towards this elegant house to present the modern house design of this amazing house. There is a certain reason why we state this futuristic house as a steady house. This is because of this adorable house is standing in the edge of the mountain or we can state it as a mountainside modern house. Not only because of that but also it looks like this cool house is walking down the canyon hill by stepping so slowly and elegantly.

From the outside view of the modern house designs, we can see that this house has no fences surrounding it. The natural environment surrounding this beautiful house is the natural fences actually. The natural environment consists of grasses and trees is the soul mate of this house. A white stair is welcoming us when we visit this house at the first time.

Some beautiful lights are dancing for welcoming us, too. The glass windows and doors let us to see and know the room interior design of the house in the inside. There is a garage that has dark doors accompanied with warm lights. Inside of this strong house, the gradation of brown colors from light up to dark brown is furnishing the house with the touch of natural woods. A wooden dining table accompanied with some wooden chairs lied on a classic carpet. Above them, white simple pendant lamps with warm lights give a romantic touch to them.

The glass windows in front of the dining table give a beautiful view of the mountain that will attract everyone who sees it. The glass windows make the sunlight enlightens the whole house without turning any lamp in the house on. This is so effective for energy saving. These modern house designs pictures gallery is so adorable and inspiring.

Picture Gallery of the Mountainside Modern House Steadily Stands

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