Monochromatic Garage Floor Tiles for Sporty Feeling

Choosing your own garage floor tiles is not so easy. Unlike the other part of the house, garage is less visited and has more functionality means as save place for your vehicles, and also full with tools, oil or any other masculine things. However it doesn’t mean that you can make your garage to be well designed with beautiful looking, here is one example of wonderful garage tiles plan just for you.

Take a look to this wonderful garage floor tiles from unknown home and anonymous designer. Whoever the designer is, his/her design is a real wonderful idea to design your garage floor tiles. With the chessboard pattern that resembles the racing flag, this floor tiles provides sporty and masculine feeling throughout the room, together with the wall paint color and a car, a sporty bike and a boat in it. Excellent!

The monochromatic color is long been associated with masculinity, and the chessboard pattern is a symbol of race flag (flag that used when the race start/finish) that provides the sporty look. The wonderful pattern is combined with the calm pale gray and the aggressive red paint wall.

These combinations make a unique combination between calm, aggressive and sporty—3 things that we can found in a man, not a boy. The tiles also work in functionality means, as you see that the tiles is not flat but full with contour—it add more traction and prevents slip when you drive your vehicles in, and minimize the possibility to fall when you use your motorcycle inside.

This garage tiles design is a real wonderful example for those who need to show their sporty soul in their home. A sporty and well designed garage will be so wonderful for your sporty vehicle, not only provides the safe place for it but also put more awesomeness when you show it off to your friend. Try to find another wonderful garage floor tiles with sporty look for sporty men and combined it into your new sporty garage design.

Picture Gallery of the Monochromatic Garage Floor Tiles for Sporty Feeling

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