Modern Style and Design of Industrial Bookcase

Actually, there are a wide variety of industrial bookcase available in the store. However, all of those varieties sometimes do not fulfill you preferences as what you need it to be. Because of this reason, you may consider creating a bookcase which will fit your need for storage without detracting from the style of your modern industrial space. It’s actually only a simple thing that won’t be that hard as you think. Even it’s only a piece of cake and also easier than you might think.

Furthermore, this article will give you the instructions of how to make a diy industrial bookcase which may be much helpful for you, especially if you want to make it yourself. All you need to make it are only some cinder blocks and hardwood boards which will not bend under the weight of your books. Beside those major materials, you also need to prepare some other things you’ll need such as spray paint and plastic tarp. After you’ve had all of those things in hand, then you may begin the project. Lay out the tarp on a flat surface in a well ventilated are and then put the cinder clock on it. Spray paint them from the interior of the blocks to the outside in a vertical motion. After it dry, then flip it and spray the other side. After you’ve finished spraying, then just place the cinder blocks. Next, horizontally place one of the 2-by-4 hardwood boards on top of the blocks, and put two more cinder blocks on top of the board vertically above the bottom two cinder blocks, and place a board on top of them. Repeat the process with the last board and last two cinder blocks and then you industrial bookcase is ready to be used.

That’s how to make a diy industrial bookcase. Its easy job, isn’t it?

Picture Gallery of the Modern Style and Design of Industrial Bookcase

Industrial Bookcase With Wooden BoxIndustrial Bookcase With Wood TableIndustrial Bookcase With White WallsIndustrial Bookcase With White RoofsIndustrial Bookcase With Unique StairsIndustrial Bookcase With Unique Hanging LampIndustrial Bookcase With Sofa BeigeIndustrial Bookcase With Simple DesignIndustrial Bookcase With Red WallsIndustrial Bookcase With Ornamental PlantsIndustrial Bookcase With Orange WallIndustrial Bookcase With Modern ChairsIndustrial Bookcase With Light BulbIndustrial Bookcase With Hardwood FloorsIndustrial Bookcase With Hanging Vase BlueIndustrial Bookcase With Glass WindowIndustrial Bookcase With Frame PhotoIndustrial Bookcase With Blue Seats

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