Modern Interior and Exterior House from Maison Franken

The house with modern interior and exterior house which is shown here is a project by Bekhor Archiete. He chose Belgian city of Brussels for the location of this project. Anyway, this project is called Maison Franken. You will know this house appearance clearly, because we give you inside and outside house pictures. The architect combined between oak materials and some modern materials. Do you want to know the appearance of this house? Let’s see now.

Here are some pictures which we have talked. They are the interior and exterior house design pictures of this project. See, this is open room which for living space and dining space. In the dining space, you can see six wooden chairs are standing in the right and left side of the table. In the middle of the table are beautiful flowers. These flowers are putted on the glass vase. It is really beautiful. On the wall, you can see beautiful abstract painting in red base.

Now, move to the living space which is in the same room with dining space. There are long chair and white chairs in this room. For lighting there is arch lamp in the middle of this room. Back to the living space again, you can enjoy the warm atmosphere in this room because this room has fireplace. You can feel this warm atmosphere with reading some books. You can put your books on the white circle table.

We have seen the interior house. This is your time to see exterior house. This house is designed with red brick wall and white concrete wall. It is pretty cool combination. Some glass transparent windows are applied on the wall. They let the sunshine enter the room. The important thing is this house is very near with paved road driveway. This house has perfect exterior and interior home design ideas for modern lifestyle.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Interior and Exterior House from Maison Franken

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