Modern Closet Doors: Enhance the Look of your Bedroom

Closet door can be a decorative piece in your room if you choose modern closet doors that will enhance the visual appealing of your bedroom. So, don’t be afraid about having a closet door that will interrupt the clean lines of modern design in your bedroom. Simply make your closet door modern will create a cohesive contemporary theme in your room. there are some things you can make your outdated closet doors become more modern.

Sliding closet doors can be quite popular among homeowners. This kind of doors gives you an easy access to enter your closet. Making your sliding doors become modern closet doors is easy. Adding window treatment to sliding closet door is also a good idea to make it more decorative. The door treatment used for this door should be thin enough so that the doors still glide past each other. The appropriate window treatment for sliding door is grass mats and bamboo blinds.

You can also upholster the closet door with a simple linen or burlap fabric to create a modern spa look. Another type of closet doors is folding closet door. This door will allow you to decorate each panel. You can use aluminum flashing or wallpaper to decorate your folding door. Plexiglass is also a good decorative item that will make your door looks like a contemporary shoji screen. You can also paint your door to add a fresh look or change the knobs of the doors with the one more modern such as brushed nickel door pulls. Mirrored closet doors can be an eyesore in your room.

However, the large mirror is useful for you to coordinate the outfit while reflecting light throughout the room. So, you can make it decorative by adding frame using mirror mastic, rosettes and lattice. You will make your mirror looks like a modern decorative mirror. Other easy ways to create modern closet doors over your outdated closet doors can be painting and staining. You can paint the closet with the same color as the wall, or paint them in blacks and chocolate browns to express a modern design.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Closet Doors: Enhance the Look of your Bedroom

Modern Closet Doors With Yellow CarpetModern Closet Doors With Hardwood FloorsModern Closet Doors With White DraperyModern Closet Doors With Gray WallsModern Closet Doors With Drapery DesignModern Closet Doors With Blue WallsModern Closet Doors With Green WallsModern Closet Doors With Decorative Lighting Black ColorModern Closet Doors With Carpet DesignModern Closet Doors With Front DesignModern Closet Doors With Sofa DesignModern Closet Doors With Red CarpetModern Closet Doors With Modern DesignModern Closet Doors With Modern ChairsModern Closet Doors With White WallsModern Closet Doors With White FloorModern Closet Doors With Unique Decorative Deer HeadModern Closet Doors With Window Glass

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