Modern Canopy Bed Ideas for Modern Living Space

Canopy bed is known to be romantic with a large piece of fabric drapes above the bed giving a nice charm look. However, the way a canopy bed completed with fabric has been outdated and become an old fashioned style. Although this style is still quite popular, modern canopy bed can be the alternative instead of having a traditional canopy bed. the modern one is more sophisticated and elegant since the bed will be completed not only with fabric, but with a greater design of canopy to bring more statement in any bedroom design.

With the development of technology today, the canopy can be created from any materials instead of fabric. The design is also varied and unique while still carrying the look and function of a canopy bed. at Eco First Art, you can find a great modern canopy bed with trees as the canopy. this idea is really amazing since the trees created with the branches hold a bird nest. So there are some trees beside the bed and the branches of the tree like hands that are holding a bird nest. So, it gives you the look of a canopy with a different look and shape.

This forest canopy bed will instantly create a forest look to your space.  another modern canopy bed is the Float Outdoor canopy bed by Design Mobel with the look of ship. Since this is an outdoor canopy bed, placing it on your swimming pool can be a great idea. This has a ship look that will make you as if floating on your pool in a ship. The canopy and the bed combined in a harmoniously design that is undoubtedly sophisticated.


Modern canopy bed available in the market is varied. So, if you think having a traditional canopy bed is too plain, you can go with the more modern one and see how it will work to your room décor.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Canopy Bed Ideas for Modern Living Space

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