Lodge Style House Plans

Lodge style can be a great and unique style that you can try for your next project. If you are bored with the existing style of your house, you can make it more attractive and natural by making lodge style house plans. To make the plans, you need to know what should be added to create more characters in a lodge style so that your project can be completed perfectly.

So, what should be included when making lodge style house plans? There are some things you have to include in your house plan to make a perfect lodge style house. You will need to add some items to express the style to the whole house. Since lodge style means incorporating the lifestyle of lodge dweller to the décor, you can add some items that will best express the style. Some pieces like animal skin rugs, old canoe paddles and field glasses will be helpful. So, just add some antique items to represent the style you are applying. Lodge style house should be filled with natural materials on the décor. You can add couches made from hardwood for your living room and add a coat of varnish to expose the arms and legs of the couches. The upholstery should be in leather, wool or cotton and add more natural touch with animal skin wool rug. The color scheme of the house should be in earth tones to give the best look of lodge.

For making the lodge style house plans, you can find it at some websites that provide a wide selection of lodge designs. Houseplans.co is a great site where you can find a wide selection of lodge style house plans. You can choose the one that suit to your need since every design offered consist some features like story, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Picture Gallery of the Lodge Style House Plans

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