L-shaped Mirror Design Inspired From Tetris

Have you ever admire certain unique mirror design when you visit someone’s house or certain places? Or you just neglect it and say that it was just a mirror? All of the answers of those two questions are up to you. Every people have their own perception and appreciation towards certain thing around them. The beautiful and unique design of something sometimes will be a very ordinary design for someone else. It is just like when you are falling in love with someone.

You have admired him from high school and someday you hope you can date him. You thought that he was the most handsome guy in this world that nobody can help you to erase him from your thought. When you love someone, you will think that he is handsome. Probably, one or some of your friend will be questioning why you love him. Your friends think he is not so handsome at all. This case proves that not everyone can have the same thought as someone else has. Just like when someone looking for certain mirror design for living room that presented certain unique design.

A unique glass mirror designed by an Italian designer Julia Dozda has stolen so many people’s attention because of its adorable mirror design. Have you ever heard about a famous and addicting game named Tetris? If you have, can you imagine the shapes of the Tetris game applied on certain mirrors and make them unique? The shape or the pattern of Tetris is actually just like the L-shaped pattern arranged in a well-arranged construction.

Imagine some Tetris or L-shaped patterned glass mirror arranged into a construction of those glass mirrors. It will produce a unique glass mirror with some connected L-shaped pattern that will fit into your certain room especially your living room. It will be nice and so much better if you have grayish living room that have grey painted wall, grey colored furniture, even grey tiles flooring. It will be one of the best mirror designs for living room that will attract your guests’ attention.

Picture Gallery of the L-shaped Mirror Design Inspired From Tetris

Decorative in Tetris Mirror with Cool Color and Finished UnitsCool White of Wardrobe Tetris Mirror Design with Nice of LampAmushing Pattern in Tetris Mirror Design with Cute ColorStylish Design in Tetris Mirror with Math PatternSleek Design in Tetris Mirror with Balck of Pendant LampNice Different Pattern in the Tetris Mirror DesignGreat Diffrent Pattern in Tetris Mirror Design Given More StylishGood Pattern of Wall with Black Color in Tetris Mirror Given More StylishFabulous Pattern in Tetris Mirror Design with Fourt of Part TetrisDeluxe Color and Modern Design of Tetris Mirror with Nice of Lamps

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