Kitchen Paint Colors With Oak Cabinet- Natural Beauty!

Oak cabinet are a favorite choice among homeowners for its quality, high durability, sturdy and versatility. Most people though are reluctant to use oak cabinets citing limited color choices to use in a kitchen with oak cabinet. They are always faced with a common problem of what kitchen color schemes to go for to match with the oak cabinet and preserve its natural beauty.

Kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets should be selected with great care since oak cabinets are the focal point of the kitchen design. The kitchen colors used should complement and bring out the beauty of the kitchen cabinet used.

How to choose the right kitchen colors with oak cabinets

There are many factors to consider when choosing Kitchen color schemes with oak cabinets, below are some of the factors;

  1. Size. To make a small kitchen classic and look spacious and welcoming, you can paint the wall in a pale shade of colors like washed out yellow, green, brown, orange, lavender, crème and more. For large and spacious kitchen you can use dark shades for the wall e.g. blue or purple to give the room a cozy feel. The idea is to keep the formula as brighter for smaller kitchen and darker for bigger kitchen.
  2. Kind of oak used. Kitchen oak cabinets come in different shades from light hue to darker strains. This should be considered when choosing kitchen colors.
  • For kitchen paint colors with honey oak cabinets consider colors like burnt orange with combination of sienna.
  • For kitchen paint colors with dark cabinets light shades of green like mint green, pale green and pastel green will work perfect for the kitchen wall.
  • For kitchen paint colors with light colored cabinets opt for pastel shades or deep green shades with golden accent. Blue-green shades or deep shade teal can also work with the light cabinets.
  • Java shade cabinets go well with chocolate or slate gray walls while cabinets with orange shade works well with shades of green with tinges of blue in it. For cabinets with yellow tinge, get the kitchen painted in shades of green with hue of gray in them.

In general oak cabinets have similar colors. Research on kitchen paint color ideas with oak cabinets among the kitchen color trends 2013 and choose your favorite colors that contrast with the oak cabinet and create a modern kitchen with a natural, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Alternatively you can change the original color of oak cabinet to go with the kitchen color scheme, though this is not a good idea when you want to preserve the natural beauty of the oak cabinet.

Picture Gallery of the Kitchen Paint Colors With Oak Cabinet- Natural Beauty!

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