Kitchen Countertops Prices

In the past, most of the bathrooms and kitchens sported laminate countertops. Even if you might see the occasional ceramic tile or butcher block, it might not that often and only can be found in few house. But today, homeowners have so many options of countertops, that even choosing the one between the different types of countertops can be so overwhelming and seem impossible. Furthermore, it’s even worse to decipher countertop pricing. However, basically from hundreds countertops, the most countertops fall into seven basic categories. This article will brief you the kitchen countertops prices from the seven categories’ installed cost range.

Well, here the kitchen countertops prices are. The first one is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile countertops start around $5 per square foot installed if you stick with simple solid colors. However, if you prefer to install the hand-painted or patterned tile ones, the prices can range up to $100 per square foot installed. The second option of kitchen countertops is laminate. Typically, laminates come in lots of different colors and patterns and so that the prices vary accordingly. The prices are from $15 to $60 per linear foot installed, so that’s why laminate is among the most economical countertops. Next is synthetic solid surface countertop. Solid surface is a kind of countertops which come in every imaginable color and texture and cost from $40 to $80 per square foot installed. Those are the prices for the ones which are stone and metal look alkies. While for a blend of 95 percent ground quartz and five percent polymer resin, the price can runs $100 to $200 per square foot installed as in 2010.

Well, those are some ranges of kitchen countertops prices. Just take a look at the price of the other countertops in order to have a better consideration.

Picture Gallery of the Kitchen Countertops Prices

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