Italian Pendant Lamp Design For Modern House

On summer 2010, a famous lamp manufacturer named DZ Studio has released a prototype of unique pendant lamp design to the public eyes. This pendant lamp is called Clamp. Nowadays, this prototype has been offered on sale. Designed by two talented designers Enrico Zannola and Adrea Di Filippo, this beautiful pendant lamp has designed carefully with Italian design inspired of a certain sofa design.

We can imagine how talented the both designers are. It sounds so impossible to get a pendant lamp design from a certain sofa design. We can not connect the relationship between the design of a pendant lamp and the design of a certain sofa Some of contemporary pendant lamp design which is available on the store maybe just gives you the touch of modern design. It will be so boring of having such modern pendant lamp without having the unique side of it. A nice pendant lamp should be suitable to be hanged anywhere inside or outside of your house. It should be fit into some house or room interior designs.

This Clamp has a beautiful design that will steal everyone’s heart. You must imagine a half-ball-shaped pendant lamp made of certain fabric hanged above you. This beautiful pendant lamp enlightens the space surrounding you with the warm light and the nice touch of its design. If some of you who have known about the design of the Italian sofa named Capitonne while in the west it is called with Chesterfield sofa, you can a step ahead for imagining the lamp. However, for some of you who haven’t known the design of this kind of beautiful and admiring sofa, we will explain you further about the design.

A Chesterfield sofa is a sofa made of leather with square pattern all over the surface that is tightened using a little sewed point in every corner. Imagine this kind of classic design applied all over the surface of a modern lamp using fine leather in soft cream color. Now you know how admiring the contemporary pendant lamp products of DZ Studio.

Picture Gallery of the Italian Pendant Lamp Design For Modern House

Beauty of Clamp Lamp Design with Different ColorAwesome Design of Clamp Lamp with White ColorAmushing Position in Clamp Lamp  with Wooden Table and Black Chairs AlsoNice Fiber Pattern in Clamp Lamp of Grey ColorNice Clamp Lamp Position that Given More Beautty in the RoomGreat Modren Design the Held of Clamp LampGood View in Material of Clamp Lamp DesignCool Fiber of White Color Design in Clamp Lamp

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