Inspirational Modern Wooden House Built in Peaceful Mountainous Area

To get relaxing taste every day, you have to build Modern Wooden House in mountainous area. Mountainous area which is identical with peaceful and natural accent inspires Denieuwegeneratie to build a residence called as Mountain house. As the name suggest, this house is dominated with wood accent. Apparently this house is built as semi underground house because of sloping lot. There are many greenery surround wood house to boost fresh atmosphere. Leafy trees supply fresh air and pleasant view.

Wood in good quality is selected as base material to craft wall. Glass wall around house presents bright visualization. Large glass window is equipped with metallic frame. Vertical stripes on wood wall indicate geometric tone. Modern Wooden House design is associated with natural touch. Stone and wood furniture increases natural ambiance of wooden house. Stone fireplace with sleek stainless steel chimney matches with rustic wood furniture and staircase. Wood dining table and metallic chair are enlightened with unique pendant in teapot lamp shade.

Eccentric stair steps made of skateboard make small staircase connecting living room and dining room more attractive. Even, classic car bookshelf is interesting object existing in this wooden house. Books are set neatly in classic car bookcase. Metallic kitchen island looks tough and glossy.  Small skylight is available in wooden house to ease sunlight brighten house interior. Modern bedroom dominated with concrete tone leads you sleep cozily since nightlight behind bed headboard results soft visual effect.

As you look at the design plan carefully, you will find asymmetric house design. Asymmetric style of glass wall indicates that this house adopts modern flair. Lacquered wood shelf in bedroom is used to place unique ornaments. Rectangular skylight in bedroom maximizes bright visualization. Scenic decoration in wood house also represents natural touch.Unusual design of house architecture is seen from Modern Wooden House design plan in best plan.

Picture Gallery of the Inspirational Modern Wooden House Built in Peaceful Mountainous Area

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