Ideas for Mantles- To Create an Eye-Catching Fireplace

Choosing the right ideas for mantles

A fireplace is common structural I the living room of both traditional and modern homes. A good fireplace is not only functional but also used as a decorating element in the living room. Functional in that people can gather around it to heat and warm their body when it’s cold as well as providing warmth in cold seasons for the whole house. Used as a decorating element in that you can use decorate and design the fireplace to be the centre of attention and make it the focal point of the living room. One of the most important parts in designing and decorating the fireplace is the mantle. There are a variety of ideas for mantles that can help you transform the mantel into the focal point of your living room. Creating a mantle décor need not be an expensive affair and with proper planning and extensive research you can find the right ideas on what to put on your mantle to reflect your style, taste and preference.

There are many styles and design to decorate mantel and create a classic and suitable décor that reflects your taste and matches with your entire interior decoration of the living room and by far the entire house. Below are some mantel ideas you can opt for.

Above mantel ideas for your home fireplace

Above mantel ideas will help in decorating fireplaces with protruding chimney walls. Create a visual presence on the chimney wall by placing collection of paintings, sculptural pieces, artwork, some frames of mirror, candelabra and many other items. Arrange them symmetrically and in a manner that creates depth. You can also use an intriguing accent paint color on the wall to create a dramatic effect around the fireplace.

Get creative with mantle décor but avoid cluttering the fire place with many items on mantle by only using a sensible collection of items placed spaciously to avoid clutter. And finally when deciding on the things to put on the mantle, avoid at all cost placing flammable objects on or anywhere near the mantel or hearth.

Picture Gallery of the Ideas for Mantles- To Create an Eye-Catching Fireplace

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