How to Wash Windows Easier

Washing windows can be a simple thing that you can do under some minutes. However, some people keep trying to know how to wash windows not because they don’t know how to wash it, but because they don’t know how to wash it without leaving residue. You may find that you have used some ways such as glass cleaner, vinegar and newspaper to clean your window, but you can’t get your desire result forget about that old ways and try a simpler way to wash your window without leaving any residue.

Before washing your windows, you need to know the things needed for washing. You have to prepare dawn dish detergent, small bowl, scrubby pads, absorbent cloths and squeegee. How to wash windows using those items is easy. First, you can add a few drops of dawn dish detergent in the small bowl with enough water. You can add just a couple inches of water. After that, dip the scrubby pad to the bowl, squeeze out and wipe the windows. You will find that the dawn dish detergent won’t leave any residue on your windows. it will completely remove the dirt. After wiping, you can squeegee the window working down start from the top. Every time you make a blade, you can wipe it with the absorbent cloths. You need to pay more attention to the around the edges to make sure that there is no water and dirt leftover. So, wipe them carefully.

Using these simple steps, you will find your windows clean and shiny without leaving any residue. So, you now know how to wash windows like a pro. You can do it regularly to keep your windows clean and shiny. No need to find more ways since this can be the most effective to keep your windows clean.

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