How to Stain Concrete Floors

The concrete floors can be the reason why your garage and basement really uninviting and unattractive. If you know the power of color, you will directly do this to make such rooms more inviting. Simply staining your concrete floor will get rid of the old and uninviting look of your basement or garage. How to stain concrete floors is easy since you can do it with two simple steps.

First, you can clean your concrete floors. Vacuum the floor to get rid of any dust and continue the cleaning using a mildly soapy wet rag to complete it. You have to make sure that your concrete floors completely dried before staining. After that, you can apply the stain by spraying or coating with a brush. You can add two or three coats depend on how much you want the color of the stain to saturate. If you have reached your desire color, you can stop adding coats to the concrete floors. Make sure that the stain evenly applied on the concrete floors. Instead of brush, you can also use a rag for staining in circular motion. So, just choose the one you are comfortable. This is how to stain concrete floors. A very easy and simple step right? You can do this with fun and joyful.

Before staining, it will be better to choose the right stain for your concrete floors. If your concrete floors are still in a good condition, you can use semi transparent stain to still display the look of your concrete floors. You will get a great look by mixing the texture of concrete floors with semi transparent stain. You can see that your concrete floors are really finished, but still showing its originality. Those stain is very durable and appropriate for heavy-traffic floor. However, one thing should be kept in mind that you are not allowed to use darker semi transparent stain over a lighter semi transparent stain. How to stain concrete floor will go nicely if you don’t do such mistake.

Picture Gallery of the How to Stain Concrete Floors

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