How to Install Crown Molding


If you are desperate in obtaining the elegant look through your room’s design, crown molding can easily help you to solve the problem in no time. Maybe working with crown molding will be quite hard to do since you must work overhead, but trust me, the result will be really awesome. This can be done by adding crown molding to the edge where the walls and ceiling meet. Maybe you have no experience with such kind of project, here I will write about how to install crown molding. Buckle up and let’s go.

The first thing to do is to make a good measurement needed. Add about 10% just in case there will be any mistake as well as for avoiding mistakes. Next, get the style as well as the finish that you want selected. You will find various styles and shapes of crown molding on the market, so that you will have more options in choosing the one which is suitable for your space. Then after that, get a style that fits the your own preferences picked for making the crown molding as suitable as possible when being applied. Next, you can start installing the crown molding. You can use glue for applying it but make sure the glue that is chosen is compatible for that kind of project.

Make sure that the corers will match each another. But since nothing is perfect, don’t be too worried, all you need to do is to put a little joint compound between the area which is not rally attached together. Then after that, get the nails hammered at the crown molding’s bottom. Get about 12 inches when putting the nails. Your crown molding has been installed perfectly, and you actually can get it painted with your favorite color.

Picture Gallery of the How to Install Crown Molding

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