How to Do Shower Grout Repair


The grout in the shower is one of the most important components since it helps you keep mold and mildew from your shower wall by keeping the moisture out. However, although this is very helpful, this material is actually very fragile. It can easily crack and break apart after years. When it is cracked, it is no longer useful to keep the moisture out from your shower wall. so, this is importance for you to do a shower grout repair to make your grout tile work back.

In order to repair your shower grout, you will need to remove the exiting grout in your shower. So, you need to dig it out using a sharp utility knife starting with any cracked. When removing the grout, be careful not to scratch the surrounding tile. Just move from the top to the bottom until all grouts have been successfully removed. After removing the old grout, now it is the time to install new grout for your shower grout repair. So, you can firstly mix a fresh bucket of grout with water a little at a time. Stir it with a hand trowel while making sure it is evenly stirred. Keep adding water to the grout until it resembles peanut butter. Using a flat side of a grout float, you can scoop some fresh grout and place it to the tiles by pushing it to the joints. Let it for 10 minutes until the grout to become harden wipe the surface down with a wrung out sponge to create round edges of the sponge. Let it dry completely before starting use it the shower again.

Using some simple steps above, you can easily do shower grout repair to keep the wall in your shower well protected. So, anytime you find it start to crack, you can easily replace it.

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