How to Clean a Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom is very important since this is the place you get your body clean. However, the most common problem is that some people don’t have much time to clean their bathroom regularly. So, the solution is, choose the methods that need less energy and time, so you can do the cleaning every day. How to clean a bathroom actually can be done in five minutes of there is no distraction in every 60 seconds. So, you can do five ways to clean your bathroom that each of them can be done in 60 seconds without distractions.

How to clean a bathroom can be started by clearing the surfaces. You can put everything back in place. Your make up should be placed in the drawer and take your dirty clothes off the floor. You just need to keep the surface clear and put your things back in place. You can do it in the first 60 seconds. After that, you can use the next 60 seconds to clean the surfaces. You can clean the toilet, bowl and sink using some drops of toilet bow cleaner. Spray the shower with white vinegar and run the toilet using the toilet brush and you’re done. It can be a busy minute, but you can do it fast in one minute. The third minute can be used for straightening. Refold your towels, pull close your shower curtain and check the toilet paper. These can be easily done in one minute. The next 60 seconds can be sued to clean the mirrors, sink and fixtures.

You can spray the mirror with a cleaner and wipe the surfaces to keep it clean every day. Also, you can keep your sink and fixtures shine by simply wiping them down. Finally, you get the last 60 seconds to check everything you have done to clean your bathroom. You may have some things out in the previous steps and you can make it right in this last minute. How to clean a bathroom can be done in five minutes every day. So, this won’t take much of your time.

Picture Gallery of the How to Clean a Bathroom

Clean A Bathroom With Wooden DoormatsClean A Bathroom With Wooden ChairClean a Bathroom With Window GlassClean a Bathroom With White Rattan BasketClean a Bathroom With White Floor tilesClean a Bathroom With White ClosetClean a Bathroom With Wall Ceramic WhiteClean A Bathroom With Tissue RollClean a Bathroom With Spray BottleClean a Bathroom With Ornamental PlantsClean a Bathroom With Orchid Flower OrnamentClean a Bathroom With Marble FloorClean a Bathroom With Lights RoofClean a Bathroom With Light Blue SpongeClean a Bathroom With Glass VaseClean a Bathroom With Decorative CandlesClean a Bathroom With Blackout WindowCarpet Clean A Bathroom With Chocolate

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