Hanging Light Bulb

Hanging light bulb is one of the attractive and decorative options that you can consider using to decorate your home. But, still there is a problem that you should face whenever you install such kind of lighting. It’s about the way how to wire a hanging light. Actually, it will not be that problem as long as you know the right things to do. Typically, how to wire a hanging light is the same as to wire a typical ceiling light. But the only difference is that it’s hanging from it but the other is attached to the ceiling. Such kind of wiring light project will be much easier if you have someone to help you hold while you doing the job to connect the wires.

Well, here are the ways to wire a hanging light bulb. The first thing you do is preparing the things that you will need including light source, 2 stepladders, pliers, drill and some more other things. Don’t worry since all of the things that you need are will be found simply at local store. To make it easier, I’ll divide the instructions into two main steps. They are removing the old light and installing the new hanging light. Let’s get down to the removing old light’s steps first. Just turn off the existing light, and remove the light bulb and also the light globe. There will be more than one of each. Then remove the mounting screws which hold the light fixture to the ceiling by using drill. It will drop the screws and then expose the wiring. After that you should loosen the wire nut from the black wire. Disconnect all the wiring and then remove the light from the ceiling.

After you’ve finished removing the exits light, then you may begin to install the new hanging light bulb.

Picture Gallery of the Hanging Light Bulb

Hanging Light Bulb With White WallsHanging Light Bulb With White DraperyHanging Light Bulb With Unique DesignHanging Light Bulb With Stone WallHanging Light Bulb With SprayHanging Light Bulb With Simple DesignHanging Light Bulb With Round TableHanging Light Bulb With Red PlatesHanging Light Bulb With Red Color Brown DesignHanging Light Bulb With Ornamental PlantsHanging Light Bulb With Hood RattanHanging Light Bulb With Glass JarHanging Light Bulb With Design Color YellowHanging Light Bulb With Clear GlassHanging Light Bulb With Classic DesignHanging Light Bulb With Black FloorHanging Light Bulb Plate With OrangeHanging Light Bulb Lamp With Double Ball

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