Hallway Decorating Ideas: Best Thing You can Do by Yourself

Usually, hallway left undecorated and cluttered since people have no idea how to decorate it. Unconsciously, you have given an obstacle course for your guests and the residents whenever they want to go to the bathroom. You have to change it. Although this is only a hallway that there is no activity except walking along, decorating is needed. Hallway decorating ideas can be achieved with few simple steps. You don’t need to be preoccupied with complicated things, just think about some ideas here to decorate your hallway.

The first decorating idea is the painting. This is cheap, easy and has an important role in any room in your home. So, this is also work well in your hallway. You need to choose light color for the side walls and a slight darker color for the ceiling and the end wall. Don’t forget to add architectural details such as wainscoting. It will look great especially for narrow hallway. White ceiling molding can be another great architectural detail you can add against a darker, neutral color. Those are some hallway decorating ideas for the painting. Talking about another idea to decorate your hallway, you may have done a traditional idea by displaying photos. Well, this is a good idea actually, but people sometime misunderstand about this and they often add too many pictures that make the hallway cluttered.

So, just put only three or four photographs in the same size. You can use similar frames for the pictures and hang them horizontally at eye level. you can also add arts as long as they are still in the same manner, but avoid loud and large prints since it will just overwhelm as small hallway. If you have a wide hallway, you can place furniture along one of the walls of the hallway or at the end of the walls. You can add a storage bin for shoes or a foyer table. Hallway decorating ideas are simple and easy. So, start giving a good look for your hallway for more comfortable passing through.

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